Climon Galunza

Azure DevOps Consultant
Do your best, forget the rest.


Providing value to people. Whether it be as simple as opening the door for them or increasing their business output through DevOps.


Resiliency and adaptability. Whether professionally or personally, I have come across many hurdles where just sticking through it, no matter how difficult, has proven to be of great value. Couple that with being able to adapt, if change is necessary, allows me deliver results through either an increase in speed or quality.

My source of inspiration

My family and my Xpirit colleagues.

This makes me happy

When I get those “Aha!” moments, especially when learning new technology.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Transforming release cycles for organizations from months to frequent releases daily.

Becoming part of Xpirit.

The song that gets me started

OMG – New Jeans