Danny van der Kraan

Cloud-native Developer
First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.


Helping companies with their challenges on the cloud, ranging from technology (performance, scalability, etc.) to people (embracing a culture of automation, etc.).


Coming up with simple solutions to complex problems.

My source of inspiration / deep thinking

Books and articles concerning philosophical themes always make me think and reflect. For instance, The Myth of Sisyphus, a philosophical essay by Albert Camus.

This makes me happy

My wife and two sons. And untangling distributed monoliths. Nothing more satisfying!

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

When the first parts of a system were migrated to an event-driven Microservice according to a proof of concept I proposed to the team and the organization benefitted immediately in several ways.

The music genres that get me started

Progressive metal, like Tool or Karnivool. Or weird experimental jazz, like Naked City or Trioscapes. All I’m saying is, be prepared if you’d ever step into a car with me…