Davy Davidse

Azure, Microsoft and Mazes specialist
Things are often not impossible, they just need a bit of Stackoverflow to be solved.


Solve challenges that no one has done before.


Diving into technical problems, attacking them, getting knocked down, standing up, fighting them again, stabbing them in the back and finally beating them.

My source of inspiration

My grandfather was my first inspiration into the world of tech. The first word I was able to write was “start”, to start dos games on his computer.

From that point on I’ve never lost my interesting in anything related to computers. I learned quite a bit about programming during the Math lessons on the Middelbare school where I’d rather be work on my own Games on my TI 83+ then actually do the homework I’d had to do.

This makes me happy

Friends, gaming and my girlfriend.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Something something Blockchain

The song that gets me started