Duncan Roosma

Let’s do some cool sh*t

Expertise / Competence

Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Code quality and maintainability.


Getting a product to a state where it fulfills it’s requirements and is also enjoyable to work on. And getting a team to a state where they are able to maintain it that way.


My open and honest approach to communication facilitates getting to the heart of challenges quickly. Years of experience delivering production software, gave me a strong sense of what works and what doesn’t for software supporting business requirements for extended period of time.

My Source of inspiration

Cooperating with colleagues and the different approaches they wield keeps me questioning my assumptions and approaches. Keeping track of developments within the field by reading blogs, listening to podcast and visiting conferences and workshops also stimulates reevaluating my ways to do epic shit.

This makes me happy

Walking for hours through the woods with my wife and enthusiastic dog, taking the perfect corner with my motorcycle, ripping through a challenging mountain bike track, or losing track of time in a good book, building an amazing LEGO set, tv show, moviebook or video game.

My ultimate `Epic Shit` moment

Taking the lead of a team of individuals, each one on their own path, and leaving them as a well-oiled solution producing machine, that kept on running well after I left.

What song gets you started

This changes as I discover more and new music.