Geert van der Cruijsen

Trainer, Digital Kickstarter, Enabler for companies to embrace DevOps, Cloud & improve their engineering culture


Continuously improving myself, learning new things, inspiring others.


Problem solving, quickly grasp the real problems and coming up with possible solutions. Always on keeping an eye out for customer value when doing things.

My source of inspiration

I’m inspired by people who come up with great ideas and are able to execute them successfully. Innovation is only innovation if it runs in production. I’m also inspired every day by the rest of the Xpirit team who are continuously innovating at our clients and are sharing this knowledge with others.

This makes me happy

My family and friends, good food, good beers and being able to work on new innovative cutting edge technology

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Getting feedback from people who visited my conference talks that they are going to experiment with the new things I taught them.

The song that gets me started

Everything from Chemical Brothers.