Harald Binkle

Full-Stack Developer
Don't talk about problems, solve them!


Frontends are my big passion. – What was software without beautiful and intuitive user interfaces?
But also supporting within the entire application development process is what I don’t like to miss.
I’m a team pleayer. I love to spread my knowledge by teaching, coaching and mentoring.


I’m able to fastly learn, use and adapt latest technologies. As a Full-Stack developer my technical skill set has a big bandwidth but with a focus on frontends.

My source of inspiration

A strong team with good cohesion simply rocking a project.

This makes me happy

Spending time with my family, playing board games and handicraft.

My ultimate Epic Shit Moment

Leading a team of 8 developers, all in the office, each one had a C# problem to solve and I was running around from one to the next helping and supporting.

The song(s) that get me started

Years ago during a martial arts session the song “The eye of the tiger” (Survivor) was running in the radio and simply got me in that situation.