Hristina Dukoska

Software Engineer
Where there's a will, there's a way!


Discovering new technologies, travelling, dancing, painting..


Never giving up, fast learner, ability to share knowledge in a way that is understood by the specific audience.

My source of inspiration

People that are masters in their passion and strive to be a better version of themselves every day!

This makes me happy

Spending quality time with family, especially my husband, son and our husky!
Also, discovering new places and capturing their beauty in photos, enjoying good food, dancing, biking!

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Without doubt, on top comes the day I gave birth to my son! The explosion of feelings at that moment is unbeatable! Watching him grow into this amazing little man fills my heart with joy like nothing else!

Also, the excitement in any moment when I make something work faster or successfully implementing something new, makes my day! In those moments, I definitely feel those “butterflies in the stomach” 🙂

The song that gets me started

Anything from Arctic Monkeys or Linkin Park gets me in “the zone”.