Immanuel Kranendonk

Chief Operational Officer
One of the biggest challenges in collaboration is to discover where you thought you understood each other, but where you didn’t


Help customers to discover the true value of (emerging) technology.


Connect the right people to successfully get the job done.

My source of inspiration

Too many people and things: people like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Boyan Slat (Ocean Cleanup-project). But also everything Tesla does, TedX, Black Mirror and new emerging technology (Block Chain, AR, BI and the move into the Cloud), the shift in Privacy and how young people adapt to all cool new technology.

This makes me happy

Family, friends, running and music. And working together with people who can help, learn and challenge each other at the same time.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

To celebrate my 40st birthday I ran a half marathon every month in another province of the Netherlands. I connected a sponsor event to it and collected a lot of money to beat Diabetes. In the last corner of the last half marathon, ‘Lose Yourself’ from Eminem started. I shed a few tears and had goosebumps all over. And of course getting married to my lovely wife and the birth of my three kids!

The song that gets me started

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson