Jesse Houwing

Trainer, coach, tinkerer.
Very often it’s slowing down that will give a team the time to breathe and prepare for the plunge. Then they’ll be prepared to go faster.


Help people to look beyond the now.


Inspire people

My source of inspiration

My grandfather had a unique will to understand things and to be able to take them apart and put them back together, either in their original shape, or combine things to turn them into something new. He had been solving little life’s problems using automation long before it became a common thing. The doorbell that signaled the start a vacation full of wonderful experiments and learning now hangs in our little hallway.

This makes me happy

My first cup of coffee in the morning. Which comes to be after much experimentation to find the right beans, grind and extraction time.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Training people in Scrum, the agile mindset in general, quite often leads people to new insights, epiphanies and sometimes to life changing inspiration. When people contribute that specific training to be a career changing event, that’s epic.

The song that gets me started

Queen – Ride the wild wind