Jesse Wellenberg

Cloud Native Software Developer
That which hinders your task is your task - Sanford Meisner


Making things easier, more efficient and more fun. I love to build systems that take away energy and attention from the difficult and unsolved (and therefore fun 🙂 ) problems.


Analysing processes, making them digestible, and turning them into something both humans and computers can understand.

My sources of inspiration

Passionate people of all shapes and sizes doing what they love, whatever that may be.

This makes me happy

Forming real connections with other people, finally seeing an all-green test suite after bashing my head on my desk for an entire day.

What is your ultimate ‘Epic Shit’ moment?

When you’re building something together with a bunch of creative and passionate people, and you suddenly feel the ‘click’ that gets you all on the same wavelength.

What song gets you started?

Schism by Tool