Kees Verhaar

Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management / DevOps
When you share what you know, great things are possible!


Making complex things simple. Exploring new technology. Helping people and teams to get their ideas into action. Sharing knowledge. Learning from others.


Getting to the bottom of things. Analyzing complex systems or problems. Quickly learning new things. Perseverance & patience.

My source of inspiration

I don’t have a particular person that inspires me, but I admire people who never give up on their goals and dreams, regardless of what happens.

This makes me happy

Reaching a goal which seemed impossible to reach at first.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Moving and migrating the primary development environment for +/- 300 users without them even noticing it.
Being contacted by people that I don’t even know, but feel they can use my help.
Buying a house 3 minutes before the deadline…

The song that gets me started

Rolling Stones – Start me up