Kristof van Hees

Design for the present, with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown.


Help a customer tackle real-world problems and take opportunities, improving their business and helping them reach further.


Keeping the overview, go at it as a team. Listen, build, improve. Rinse and repeat. Helping others reach go further.

My source of inspiration

Other then my family that help me grow on so many levels, I admire craftsmen, artisans, creators, dreamers and pioneers. People who love going the next mile or taking the next leap.

This makes me happy

Having some fun with the family; my wife, kids and two spoiled cats. Climbing, hiking and cycling. Good food and good (red) wine. Some gaming and/or watching a movie. Talking to, and learning from, eager and motivated people.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Apart from marrying my wife and the birth of my two daughters, the first time I gave a training to a group of people. The second one had to do with the handover of a premature project and leading that into a stable platform.

The song that gets me started

Coldplay, Everyday Life and OneRepublic – Counting Stars, to name of few.