Laurenz Ovaere

Coding Architect
Success is the feeling you get from a job well done, and the key thing is to do the work.


Making our lives easier and better with technology.

Software is more than code and I like to see the complete chain of the software development process that make it to a perfect solution.


Strong problem solver looking for the practical solution.

Don’t stop when you don’t know the answer but dive deeper to find the solution.

My source of inspiration

People that are good at what they do and stimulate other people to go the extra mile.

This makes me happy

A 12K run in the afternoon with a pleasant sun in the sky.

A cozy moment with family and friends.

A nice car.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

My family and friends that support me in any case.

The song that gets me started

I prefer silence when I’m working out a solution. After work, I’ll listen most of the time to pop music.