Marcel de Vries

Chief Executive Officer
You are the master of your own destiny and success in life. It is all the result of your own actions and choices made in life. Never blame others, but look at how your own behavior and actions bring you where you are and define who you are.


Helping organizations transform towards a high speed, innovative and productive organization. I love to learn new technologies and teach others what I have learned.


Infinite energy to learn new technology and the passion to teach others the things I learn along the way.

My source of inspiration

People like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and others that dare to think the impossible and make it happen by perseverance and hard work.

This makes me happy

Learning the latest greatest technology and being able to apply it to help customers be successful

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Meeting Satya Nadella face 2 face at a Regional Directors meeting
Presenting a session at the Microsoft Build and TechEd conferences

The song that gets me started

Annie’s song, John Denver
Mooi, Marco Borsato