Marius Boden

DevOps Whisperer
IT is not a department


Technology – and I mean everything and a lot of it ­čÖé I love to see and understand the latest stuff and think of what can be done with it.

Beside my job I love every minute I spend with my 2 children, traveling around, go hiking and snowboarding.


Communication and working with people. Quickly learn and adapt. Being a hybrid between coach, consultant and techie.

My source of inspiration

Mostly reading tech news, having discussions with my colleagues or chats with other professionals on conventions (or parties ^^).

This makes me happy

Helping a customer solving a complex problem and see them improve and succeed is a joy that is hard to describe but highly satisfying. After work I just want to spend as much time as possible with my family. Having fun with my children, see them grow and become more and more individuals as well as enjoying precious moments with my girlfriend means everything to me.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment(s)

Becoming a dad definitely changed my life and my perspective on everything the most.

The song that get me started

Depends very much on my mood and activity. For coding I love Drum & Bass like the Strobot Remix by Netsky. If I need to relax I listen to Huxleys by Grossstadtgefl├╝ster or Marian Hills One Time. For a drink with friends or colleagues I’d play Move Off by Konrad K├╝chenmeister or Weirdo by Meute.