Martijn van der Sijde

Helping customers with realizing their digital strategy by creating and guiding the implementation of Cloud and ALM architecture roadmaps
We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.


Always learning an (technical) innovation!


From a holistic clients perspective, translate business strategy and challenges into technological solutions in collaboration with others.

My source of inspiration

Since I am a former basketball player, Michael Jordan has always been an inspiration. To me he is the personification of a growth mindset, continuous learning, improving and achieving goals. From not being selected for his high-school basketball team to the best basketball player ever in all elements of the game.

This makes me happy

Learning something new, being involved in defining the big picture, inspiring people by sharing insights, achieving goals, sports and having nice food with a good drink together with my family and friends

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Speaking at Microsoft TechDays

The song that gets me started

Elevation – U2