Matthijs van der Veer

There's no such thing as bad weather

My passion is learning new things; I learned early on that learning by reading wasn’t for me. Instead, my YouTube feed can probably tell you what new hobby I’m into. I just like discovering how complex things work, whether it’s an IoT platform, lockpicking or brewing beer.


Explaining complex and technical topics to varying audiences, preferably in an entertaining way.

This makes me happy

I’m at my happiest when I’m cooking, surrounded by amazing people, good music, and great wine.

What is your ultimate ‘Epic Shit’ moment?

Going on a solo backpacking trip for a year, through Southeast Asia and Australia. Goodbye comfort zone, hello world!

What song gets you started?

It depends on what I want to get done:

Reading: Chopin’s Nocturnes

Writing code: Danse Macabre (on repeat, try it)

Drowning out everything around me to get something done: Muse, Rammstein