Michael van Rooijen

App Modernization | App Cloud Migration | Coding Architect | (Cloud) Solution Architect | DevOps Consultant | Monolith Whisperer
The craft of delivering software that its users enjoy is as much a 'people engineering' process as a software engineering process. The technology should serve the customer.


Helping teams and companies continuously improve and enjoy the software delivery process. Working together with a team of smart engineers. Building high-quality software that makes the (customer’s) customer happy. Learning and trying out new things.


Always curious and learning. Able to grasp complexity quickly. Bridging the gap between IT and business.

My source of inspiration / deep thinking

Books mostly; right now The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff

This makes me happy

Having a good time with my wife, children, friends and family. Seeing my children learn, grow and enjoy themselves. Having fun and working hard on the job.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Presenting on Tech Days.

The music genres that get me started

Depending on the mood: modern classical piano, different metal genres, pop music, hiphop, all things rock, actually almost anything