Miriam Hunger

Digital Transformation Consultant
Be with people who inspire you. And make sure you inspire them to become stronger and better.


As a proud advocate of the New Work movement, I strongly believe that work should be a source of inspiration and meaning, not just a means of income. By creating better working conditions, we can foster a culture of creativity, collaboration, and innovation that drives businesses to new heights of success.


Motivating people with my enthusiasm to growth and learn.

My source of inspiration

Colleagues and entrepreneurs who have visions and implement them against all resistance.

This makes me happy

To have the right balance between spending quality time with my family, enjoying memorable evenings with friends, and pursuing my passion for fitness through activities like CrossFit.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Taking on the first part-time leadership role at Liebherr immediately after my parental leave was a defining moment in my career.

The song that gets me started

In sports, the song “Get up (Rattle)” from Bingo Players, gets a lot more out of me, also works in the job.