Michael Kaufmann

CEO / Managing Director
If you follow your heart, you are never on the wrong track.


Making people find joy and fulfilment in their work by being productive and valued. Productivity, enablement, teamwork, and corporate culture are the key ingredients to achieve this.


I can bridge gaps: I can talk to managers, engineers, developers, and administrators – and I can translate between them. I also think in systems. That helps me to grasp new complex topics fast.

My source of inspiration

My family and being grounded by them.

This makes me happy

Seeing my customers and co-workers succeed and bringing value to them.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Launch of my book, giving the opening keynote at a developer conference and giving a talk in Spanish at a meetup.

The song that gets me started

I love many different music styles: from classical music and piano, over house and techno to heavy metal. So, there is not one song. The song that gets me started depends on the situation and mood.