Niels Nijveldt

Try, (Fail,) Learn, Success, Repeat.


Listening and translating questions to the actual problem(s) and solving them.

Full stack development, Continuous delivery, ALM.


Creating solutions (or solving problems) which have great business value.

I also like to learn about new technologies and methodologies.


I’m at my best when jumping in at the deep end.

Not giving up until the goal is reached.

Who inspires you? Who/what is your source of inspiration?

People who are getting impressive things done and share their knowledge and vision.

Preferably without bragging (too much).

This can be anyone sharing knowledge about technology, sports or finance.

This makes me happy:

Sports (soccer in special), music, festivals, movies.

What is your ultimate ‘Epic Shit’ moment:

Helping a company to reduce the time it takes to take new software to production from 4 times a year to a couple of times per week.

What song gets you started:

Any hardstyle track! This can be a different one every week.