Nico Orschel

DevOps Consultant and Microsoft MVP
What do you want?… Just Coffee. Black – like my soul.


On the job: Help customers with new topics in Azure DevOps/GitHub and Azure while learning something at the same time.

In my spare-time: Enjoying good food, drinks and coffee. And of course improving the 4 M’s: man, machine, blend and grind, in short improving my barista skills ( the German words are all starting with M ;-)).


As a generalist for development and infrastructure topics, to be able to work on topics in a broad way and thus to be able to help customers in a holistic way.

My source of inspiration

Unfortunately, there is not one source, because you can learn something from all of them, even if it is only a little thing. Every little bit helps.

This makes me happy

A good coffee and my activity brings added value to the customer.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment(s)

Birth of my son and the first MVP title many years ago.

The song that get me started

It depends on the situation. There are simply too many styles of music.