Olena Borzenko

Celestial Programmer
Everything is doable until you start listening to those who say the opposite


Learning from and with people following common goals and establishing a positive and friendly atmosphere. Working with passionate and dedicated people, as well as diving into modern technologies will ignite my creativity and motivation.


I can be the glue of the team. I like helping people to connect and stick together improving their performance and final results. At the same time, I’m a great team player. I appreciate the opportunity to follow and learn from great leaders and am always highly dedicated and encouraged to achieve a common success.

Besides, I also have a talent for resolving conflicts. Often by managing the situation and pushing it away from the negative direction with positive and rational thinking.

My source of inspiration

I can be inspired by way too many things, especially when everything around feels right and natural. A part of me always has a desire to explore everything around me.

This makes me happy

Trying something new and every day completing at least one task that I set for myself.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

I jumped a second time with a parachute to make sure that I’m scared of the high.

The song that gets me started

I like music interesting and close to weird, but of course, it depends on my mood. For example, Grimes, Sylvan Esso, Aurora, Provinz, Depeche Mode, Noga Erez, and many others. If I feel inspired or creative listening to a song then I’ll like it.