Pascal Naber

Digital transformations to the Azure cloud


Applying technical solutions, gaining knowledge about new technologies and related stuff, coding, cycling, running, sports. Spending time with my 2 daughters and wife.


I learn fast, unceasing desire to learn and like to teach other people. What I do, I do well. I’ll never give up. I’m result oriented and will reach my goals.

My source of inspiration

My father-in-law: he just does it. He puts his shoulder to the wheel en goes. The team of Xpirit: they make me going. My children: their endless happiness and laugh.

This makes me happy

Solving a complex functional problem with a really simple technical solution. But also a really far ride on my bike or a really fast round with my mountainbike in the woods. Experiencing groundbreaking adventures with my family. Having good moments together with my kids and wife.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

The moments on projects where the puzzle piece falls into place.
The cycling holidays with my wife and daughters.

The song that gets me started

Editors – Papillon, Martin Garrix – Animals, Muse – Starlight and much, much more