Patrick Fell

M365 & Security Specialist
Age quod agis - do what you are doing but focus on the task at a hand.


On the job: Identity Access Management, information security and data protection.

At Home: outdoor cooking at any time of the year. Grilling good and healthy meals for my friends or my family.


Analysis of complex conditions and decomposition into manageable individual parts. This helps me in very complex projects, where you can’t see the “light at the end of the tunnel”, to do my daily job at the business.

My source of inspiration

Doing different kinds of sports, e.g. running or indoor rowing, especially during lunch break or immediately after work to get things sorted and to get a new perspective on things with some distance to the last challenge. I also love biking but then I need all my concentration on the single trail.

This makes me happy

In addition to my work as a consultant chilling on the lounge during summer until sunset and watching all the stars and planets in the wide univers.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

When I mastered the climb on a mountain (only 2000 meters in high) with my fear of heights to enjoy the breathtaking view. Since this moment I love the mountains as long as it doesn’t go too high.

The song that get me started

There’s not such a song but several kinds of electronic house music.