Philip Wagner

Product Owner | Digital Product Consultant
Let the small things in life inspire you to achieve something big


I like to work with motivated teams and constantly challenge myself. By empathizing with different roles, I gain comprehensive insights into specific needs and contribute to creating sustainable solutions.


I´m a business and tech allrounder with a strong focus on product ownership where I bring in new ideas to generate great values.

My source of inspiration

Accompany people who follow their ideas and start to find new paths.

This makes me happy

Spending time and having fun with my two kids, enjoying amazing landscapes while driving down ski slopes

My ultimate Epic Shit Moment

Being 6 weeks at my previous company and already presenting the product vision of AI based  maintenance prediction for industrial coolers to the board during an industry fair was quite astonishing for me.

The song(s) that get me started

Being widespread in my taste in music, Rock n Roll Train by AC/DC is the song that still catches me most.