Reinier van Maanen

Never stop moving, never settle.


Creating high quality software, asking the difficult questions and striving for the best solutions.


Learning new stuff, improving myself, solving problems, working with enthusiastic people and using the latest and greatest technologies.


Always trying to improve myself, others and everything around me. And I always seem to find somewhere to apply this, someone once told me I had a “sixth sense” for these things.

My source of inspiration

No well-known people here, just anyone around me who does great things and challenges others.

This makes me happy

The sun! Also, playing guitar and piano, riding motorcycle, (board)games, photography, hiking, mountainbiking, listening to music, and my friends and family.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Did an awesome project and met some Xpirit guys. Was really impressed and asked where to learn more and get better so I could work at Xpirit.

The answer was that they already talked about it and I was welcome, so here I am! 😀

The song that gets me started

First one that comes to mind is Sabotage by the Beastie Boys, but it pretty much depends on my mood.


Yes, I used the OnePlus slogan as my quote as it describes my way of working pretty well 😉