Roy Cornelissen

Distributed architecture, mobile development, creative
Software development is the creative art of problem solving. Trying to squeeze more 'productivity' out of developers by over formalizing and industrializing processes is like asking Picasso to paint-by-number because it yields more masterpieces faster.

Roy is a total foodie with serious cooking skills, leisure guitar player, aspiring graphic artist and a pro mobile & distributed software architect with a healthy allergy for over-engineering. In that order.


Creating beautiful things that people enjoy.


Cutting the crap and going beyond hypes and buzzwords to come up with simple solutions that fit the purpose.

My source of inspiration

I look for inspiration in arts and gastronomy: people who can create things out of nothing. My culinary inspirators are great chefs or bakers like Sergio Herman, Chad Robertson, Heston Blumenthal and Magnus Nilsson. Artistic inspiration comes from musicians like Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), Steve Lukather and Jeff Porcaro (Toto), and artists and designers like Hanco Kolk, Erik Spiekermann, Roy Lichtenstein.

This makes me happy

Cooking and eating great food, creating and listening to music, drawing and enjoying arts. A beautiful piece of music, a beautifully crafted product, a culinary dish that challenges my senses or a casual encounter with a work of art – a beautiful photo, street art or just nature itself.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Having lunch with Steve Wozniak at Xamarin Evolve 2016 and listening to his stories about programming and creating the Apple I.

Working a full day in a Michelin-star restaurant, preparing dishes with the kitchen brigade that were served to actual customers. It was inspiring to work with passionate chef and well-oiled team like that.

Creating things, whether it’s software or something else, qualifies as epic shit for me.

The song that gets me started

Go your own way – Fleetwood Mac: Lindsey Buckingham throws all his pain and anger into this song and its power gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

Jake to the bone – Toto: starting out as an intricate fusion groove, this masterfully played instrumental builds up to a kick-ass hard rocking finale.