Sam Van Cutsem

Coding Architect


Solving complex problems with cool technology


Picking up a new technology and applying it fast at the expert level.

Looking further then the buzzwords, and craft a beautiful easy solution that fits the purpose.

My source of inspiration

I get inspired by passionate minds in technology. There is something truly inspiring about people who are passionate about their work. Whether I’m reading blogs or watching presentations, I find myself drawn to those who exude a deep love and understanding for their craft. Their passion is contagious and ignites a spark within me to explore new ideas and try out the innovations they present.

This makes me happy

Good food, listening to good music especially live music, spending time with my family, going out on a bike ride, watching movies/series.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

My road trip on the west coast of America with some friends. It was the first time on a new continent, for 4 weeks just cruising down the west coast. From the towering skyscrapers and bustling city streets, to the vast and pristine national parks, it was just wonderful.

The birth of my son. When they pushed him in to my arms it was my most WTF moment, but at the same time wonderful to hold him for the first time.

Every time I see someone use a product/project where I was involved, that’s epic to me.

The song that gets me started

Guns N’ Roses – November Rain: Slash’s guitar skills are just legendary and he proves it in this song. Every time I listen to November Rain and hear his solos, I’m in awe of his mastery. Despite hearing it more than a thousand times, this song still gives me goosebumps.