Sebstian Böder

Full-Stack Developer
Change is inevitable, but we can influence whether it happens within us or on us.


The socio-technical aspects of software development, from organizational structure to software structure and how to collaborate. But also diving into the depth of technical challenges wether it’s in the backend code or infrastructure.

Always hungry for sharing knowledge.


Teamplayer, Problem Solver, Logical and System Thinker

My source of inspiration

A desire to understand the world around me on a deeper level.

This makes me happy

Handicraft like woodworking and spending time with my family and friends.

My ultimate Epic Shit Moment

Deconstructing the whole motor of my first car (Golf I) and getting it back together and being able to start the car again.

The song(s) that get me started

Most likely a powerful rock song from Volbeat, some Punk Rock or the like.