Stefan Rapp

Cloud Solution Architect (Azure)
Avoid VMs in the cloud, let's focus on cloud-native services!


Helping customers to achieve their business goals with modern cloud technologies of Microsoft Azure. I like to support my clients with collaborative definitions of the right track regarding their business cloud transformation. Additionally, my focus is to provide the necessary technical key information together with my project experience to lead cloud projects to success.

In a nutshell, my mission is to support building and running enterprise solutions, helping customers to succeed with implementation of Microsoft based infrastructure and cloud transformation as well as bringing workloads to Microsoft Azure the smart and productive way. #AzureRocks 🀘


In the beginning of my IT consulting career my former boss described me once as a β€œgreat technical all-rounder with a high level of social and methodical skills”. Moreover, I am very empathic, finding the right words in the right situation.

My source of inspiration

Beside the Azure Cloud, I also like to be close to cumulus clouds as a paragliding pilot. Doing XC flights in the flatlands, black forest or the alps. Furthermore, best ideas coming into my mind, if I am cooking in my kitchen or go for a long hike with my wife.

This makes me happy

Guiding customers successfully along their β€œCloud Journey” and see how their business processes improve. Moreover, I like to share how Azure is an enabler for business transformation in an organization. I am keen on working with people, having the same modern/innovative mindset as well as bringing positive spirit within the project team. Summing up, I love if things are working as expected, or like John β€œHannibal” Smith from THE A-TEAM said with his catchphrase: β€œI love it when a plan comes together”.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

That was the situation years ago, when I realized what kind of potential and benefits the cloud will bring to the organizations and what does that means for the IT consulting industry. Since then, I am on the right track of cloud technology, with my foot on the accelerator. 🏎

The song that get me started

It really depends on the situation. As I played as a guitar player in some rock bands when I was younger, I am totally passionate about blues and blues-rock artists like B.B. King, Steve Ray Vaughan, Jonny Winter, Joe Bonamassa, Popa Chubby, Jimi Hendrix and many more.