Suraj Sewbalak

COO Xpirit Managed Services
I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.


Building and maintaining long lasting relationships with customers to improve customer intimacy and experience. I am also very passionate about motivating people to strive for the best that they possibly could achieve.


Inspiring others to reach their goals in terms of happiness and growth. Truly understanding once way is the only way forward achieving success.

My sources of inspiration

My two daughters are my source of inspiration. Because of them I try to improve myself each day to become a better person. Everybody who acts from true kindness inspires me. I also look up to people who try their best to improve themselves every day and inspire others to do so.

This makes me happy

Spending time on (or near) the water with my wife and two daughters, travelling and discovering new places, cooking, having long diners, good conversations, and a good laugh. Enjoying the simple things in life and sharing these moments with my loved ones.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

In the north of Sweden at the back of a sled pulled by a pack of huskies, full speed, witnessing the sun coming up.

The song that gets me started

Loving music of all genres so it depends on my mood or the weather outside. So basically, classis music, dutch music and everything in between.