Sven Ansem

Leave the campground cleaner than you found it.


Help others to make their work easier and more fun to do. Together with the team learning new cool things.


Listen to people. Always willing to help. Calm. Breaking the complex matter in multiple simpler parts.

Design & create cloud native solutions, Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery.

My source of inspiration

Colleagues who create and present new cool stuff. People with passion.

This makes me happy

Walking and cycling in the nature, spending time with my wife Sylvia and the five Somali cats we have & automate the house with home domotica.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Design and create a test which emulates 1 million devices back online within 5 minutes after an internet outage, to proof that Azure IoT Hub and the back-end API’s could stand the stress.

The song that gets me started

At the moment it is: Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton