Thijs Limmen

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication


Full stack .NET developer. Focussed on cloud solutions, Continuous Delivery and diverse range of front-end technologies.


Creating user-friendly experiences (UX) on apps and websites. I also enjoy leaving behind good developer experiences by creating simple solutions.


Translating complex (technical / functional) problems into simple solutions. Maintaining consistency across domains. Front-end development.

Who inspires you? Who/what is your source of inspiration?

Elon Musk. An innovative mindset, experimenting with things that have never been done before, out of the box thinking. My source of inspiration are other people through listening and picking up on interesting subjects.

This makes me happy:

Playing tennis, going to concerts and festivals, outdoor activities, playing video games on my Nintendo Switch.

My guilty pleasure is styling apps and websites.

What is your ultimate ‘Epic Shit’ moment:

Sharing something I am passionate about and receiving the excitement of the audience in return.

What song gets you started:

Deadmau5 – Faxing Berlin