Thomas Tomow

Life is a journey and you shape it to your liking


Understanding modern, cutting or bleeding edge technologies and how to develop the benefits from those, is the daily driver for me. I like to learn, experience and share my findings. If I also can bring my knowledge to others, like customers, it will fire my efforts in getting better.


Bringing people together, shaping their view and keep them going. I understand, how teams work and why they behave, like they behave. With this, I empower people, to come out of their selves and and work at there best.

Besides I also have a talent in knowing many patterns and practices, without having heard any of their names 😁

My source of inspiration

I am not sure… most of the time, I follow an inner force, that wants to know, how things are working.

This makes me happy

When things are working as expected. But also, when I do regular training in Karate.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

There are a lot of them, looking from different point of views. In sum: my birth 😁

The song that gets me started

I developed a Kata in Karate to the song ‘Eye of the tiger’, but yeah this was a phase in my past. I don’t have any special song, but a few, that I took from my childhood. In general I listen to a broad spectrum of music.