Tiamo Idzenga

Cloud Engineer / DevOps Consultant
If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, then you don't understand it yourself


Creating reliable, manageable and secure products that can be implemented for multiple customers, harvesting the benefits of scale.


I’m a quick learner and can communicate my learnings to others effortlessly. I enjoy explaining what I’ve made, how it works and how it impacts the customer. I also really enjoy building relationships and organizing events, enabling me to estimate others’ needs well.

This makes me happy

Hanging out with friends, immersing ourselves in the world of Dungeons & Dragons or playing awesome board games; lifting (really) heavy weights or doing CrossFit workouts; cooking a meal or making a nice dessert for myself and people I love; drinking a nice craft beer or whisky.

What is your ultimate ‘Epic Shit’ moment?

Being able to finish a new CrossFit workout RX. Hitting a new PR on a major compound lift. Being proud of myself and my achievements.

The music that gets me started

I listen to a lot of American hip-hop: Travis Scott, Jack Harlow, Drake, 21 Savage, Baby Keem, Kanye West, J. Cole. This really gets me going, but while I’m working hip-hop is too busy and I occasionally listen to techno mixes.