We’re hiring: DevOps Whisperer

Job or journey? Your choice.
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DevOps Whisperer (w/m/d)

Job or journey? Your choice!

    types: [intrinsic, help-customers]

    runs-on: [GitHub,Azure,DevOps]
    if: ${{ github.actor.passion == 'technology' }}

      - name: Apply for journey
        run: |
          send-cv-to --mail mkaufmann@xpirit.com
      - name: Start your journey
        uses: xpirit/doepicshit


Do you care about developer productivity? Do you love DevOps and the cloud and want to continue in that space? Are you passionate about technology and a lifelong learner?

Yes? Then we are looking for someone exactly like you for our team in Germany. We work mostly remote for our customers all over Germany and world-wide by providing high-end consulting and training services, and by helping our customers succeed.

One of our core values is knowledge sharing. So, big part of your work time goes into building up your expert skills and sharing them with the community. You are mentored by our experts that can help you in building up that skills.

We are an international company and English is our corporate language.

What we expect:

  • Fluent in English and German
  • Curious and willing to learn
  • Passionate about technology
  • Experience with DevOps tooling (GitHub, Azure DevOp, or any other comparable products)
  • Experience with Cloud (preferred Microsoft Azure)

What you can expect:

  • International team of experts that have fun at work
  • Innovative projects for our customers
  • Learning and knowledge-sharing as part of the job
  • A fully hybrid and modern workplace
  • A trustworthy environment and people that care about you!

Got any questions? Contact me and let’s talk: mkaufmann@xpirit.com.

Or would you rather learn a little bit more about Xpirit’s culture first? Read more about our culture.