Tobias Mackenroth

Listen to your heart, be trustful, honest and feel responsible for everything you do.


I create a trusting, open and honest environment in which customers, colleagues and employees enjoy working with me.


I am a good Mediator, I can bring disputing parties back on a common path. I am easy to motivate and enjoy the things I do. When it comes down to it, I have a lot of strength and endurance to bring issues to a successful conclusion even in stressful phases.

My source of inspiration

My family, Sports, (I love jogging and Ultra Hiking), nutrition and visiting new places.

This makes me happy

Seeing everything is working in an trustful, successful, open and honest way. Learning new things.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

The birth of my 2 lovely and beautiful Kids.

The song that gets me started

There are many songs I love depending on my mood and what the song should achieve. Here some examples: Join the joyride, Eye of the tiger, Summer of 69 and “Auf uns” from Andreas Bourani (a special song I heard at my first 100 km Ultra Hike).