Victoria Harding

Delivery Lead
You’ll never get bored when you try something new. There’s really no limit to what you can do. —Dr. Seuss


I’m a lifelong learner!


My strengths include finding balance and order in chaos as well as teaching and supporting others in showcasing their talents.

My source of inspiration

My inspiration comes from those around me. Family, friends, colleagues, swimmers, and students continuously inspire me. They have kept me humble and grateful along the way, too.

This makes me happy

Making lasting memories brings me the most joy. Whether it is enjoying a new adventure, soaking up the sun at the lake with family and friends, playing/watching a game, coaching at a swim meet, reading a book, enjoying a movie, or eating a delicious meal, my cup runneth over.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Becoming a parent. It’s the hardest, greatest, most rewarding, and humbling project I’ll ever be a part of.

The song(s) that get me started

Ozzie Osborne – Crazy Train
Pink – Raise Your Glass
Pan!c At the Disco – High Hopes
Anything by AC/DC!