Wesley Cabus

Coding Architect
I'd rather try and fail, than to not have tried at all.


Diving deep into a problem, solving it and understanding both the issue and the solution.


Quick at picking up new skills, capable of explaining complicated technology on different levels.

My source of inspiration

People who are eager to learn, who are not afraid to fail on the way.

This makes me happy

Brewing beer, playing the piano or some synths, playing video games with friends or alone in an immersive story.
Sometimes, you can also catch me tinkering around with a soldering iron.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Standing next to awesome people at the MVP summit on a stage in front of a room filled with people, announcing the next Global Azure Bootcamp.

The song that gets me started

I pick and choose between different playlists, ranging from Armin van Buuren, 80’s, soul or game/movie soundtracks.