Yuliya Khadasevich

Just give it a try.


Always challenge myself and the people around me to grow. You will be surprised how much potential is there in you waiting to be unlocked!
Making things work.
Striving for quality.


Having both technical expertise and interpersonal skills.
Embracing the chaos and bringing the structure.

My source of inspiration

Anyone who is passionate about their work and does it with great professionalism.
At the same time anyone around me, as I believe that each person has something in which they excel, or at the very least, just better than me.

This makes me happy

Spending a Friday evening in a bar with a good blues band, having a dance with another person while sharing the energy, feeling the music and enjoying the moment.


Being with special to me people.
Helping others and making an impact.
Travelling. Exploring new places.
Good piece of art.

… And many other things.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Achieving something that from the first look wasn’t possible.

The music that gets me started

For work: any focus music. Here I’m practical.
Talking about the day in general: lazy (as my mornings) jazz.