Yuriy Varshavskyy

Software Engineer
Never give up


My passion is  the modern technology and science. I am very excited by all kind of innovations in IT and electronics, how science develops and which new opportunities it brings to our lives. Also I trying to propagate my knowledge to my surrounding to excite them as much as I am. Sometimes even to hard 😁


Through whole my life I had to learn a lot and at some point I understood, that the learning and understanding of complicated thing is easy for me. Moreover it is than possible for me to explain these things in more simpler manner to other people. So I think my talent is to acquire and share knowledge with others.

My source of inspiration

It is like playing with toys. You just want to play and you do. Just in this case my toys are computers and electronic devices. 🤷‍♂️

This makes me happy

Each time when a project is accomplished and it works regardless of a kind of the project.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

I do not really can point at one moment in my life an say this was my ultimate epic shit moment. Maybe this is a moment of choosing my career where I will never rest an have to learn till it ends.

The song that gets me started

I was always and still am excited about science and science fiction. Also one of my favorite music genre is Rock. So a combination of these is my most favorite song – “The final count down” that was first performed by a Swedish rock band “Europe” in 1986. I think there is no doubt this is the one of the most known songs of every time.

Also another song that I like and that gets me motivated is “We are the champions” by “Queen”. It’s definitely gives a feeling of achievements.