The shift to cloud-native: Accelerate your innovation

/ 04 Jun, 2021

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The trend in the industry is clear. We need to accelerate our innovation to stay on top of the curve. Cloud has become the default and now the challenge lies in how can we transform our organization so we can leverage all that is cloud. We need to move away from traditional operating models where we have the IT department dictating how we need to use IT. IT has become the business! This also means IT departments needs to move away from a siloed demand supply organization and re-invent themselves to get a seat at the table in the business. They need to enable accelerated business innovation instead of being a constraint in speed of delivery. They need to become a high performance IT organization and reimagine how to empower everyone so they can use IT in self-service while staying secure, compliant and efficient.

In this episode of our magazine we have various articles that can help you paint a new picture of the future. How do you empower developers with secure and performant desktops so they can deliver the software we need so desperately while not compromising security. How you can automate your CI/CD with GitHub actions and make sure the supply chain that produces the software is secure by default. How can you embrace opensource to learn new technologies and how can you bring software that is mature and robust, but still a monolith to a cloud native environment. What User interface technologies can you embrace to create flexible and maintainable user interfaces to your customers. How can we embrace the cloud and employ new techniques to ensure our software is reliable and robust, while the cloud has a completely different reliability model than your on premise datacenter.

With the cloud being part of virtually every business strategy we come across we decided it is also time to spawn new businesses where we focus on the delivery of cloud native software delivery and providing customers with a cloud native managed services proposition. In this magazine you will also learn how we are embarking on those new journeys with our team of experts.

At Xpirit we had the pleasure and privilege to already walked a journey with cloud native software development and managed services for the past seven years. We learned so much along this journey that we never dreamed possible. With our magazine we share many things we have learned throughout our journey and we hope they will help you become more successful in yours.

For us it is clear that the shift to cloud-native has started. We love to be there with you side by side with our experts and help you accelerated your innovation!

Author Marcel de Vries (CTO at Xpirit).

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