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Great scrum masters don’t only facilitate teams, they help the teams become even better. Learn how to use scrum in distributed environments, add more spirit to retrospectives and solve complex team scaling problems. Gain advanced skills for communicating with product owners and stakeholders to create outstanding products for your clients. Learn the pitfalls and best practices from professionals in the field through game-learning techniques you can share with your team.

We are represented by the market leaders in agile and scrum: and Scrum Alliance. You’ll train with the best and most famous names in the business. Our beginner-to-advanced training prepares scrum masters to maximize their effectiveness at any stage, through a dynamic blend of team exercises, discussions, and lectures.

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Masterclass Unit Testing in .NET

1 day

by Marc Duiker, Reinier van Maanen

In this workshop you will learn how to write clean code by doing TDD exercises. The exercises start with writing basic unit tests and end with refactoring an untestable brown-field project. Along the way you’ll learn how to apply dependency inversion and other SOLID principles, use mocking and assertions frameworks and use Visual Studio and its tooling to the fullest to write maintainable unit tests.

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Azure Architect Master Class

3 days

by Vishwas Lele

This 3-day immersive training will be conducted by Vishwas Lele, a five-time Azure MVP and Microsoft Regional Director.  Vishwas has been working with cloud technologies since 2007 and has helped dozens of commercial and private-sector companies adopt the cloud.

This Azure CSA Master class is custom designed to help you take your existing architecture and design skills to the realm of cloud computing.  We will quickly move beyond topics like “What is an App Service? or How to a setup highly available VM?” etc.  and discuss real world guidance, best practices and constraints associated with using these services.

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ASP.NET Core Fundamentals

3 days

by Roland Guijt

ASP.NET Core is Microsoft’s open source framework for building web applications and web APIs in .NET. You will learn to develop cross-platform, lightweight, cloud-ready apps with a great performance.

This training has a practical approach. You will learn the theory by means of an example application. Based on what you have seen, you will then build your own application. All ASP.NET Core ingredients are reviewed. This training is composed and given by Roland Guijt, the author of the popular Pluralsight course: “Understanding ASP.NET Core”.

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Docker on Windows in a day

1 day

by Marcel de Vries

Want to accelerate your application delivery with Docker and use it on the Windows platform? This Docker on Windows Deep Dive brings you fully up to speed in only one day.

In this highly interactive, one-day Docker introduction, we’ll explore how containers work on the Windows platform. Instead of answering your questions, we help you understand this technology in such a way you can answer them yourself! Learn how Docker will improve your software development cycle. We’ll teach you how to implement a continuous delivery pipeline to deploy your solution to either a single Windows servers or to a cluster of machines managed by a cluster orchestrator like Kubernetes.

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Azure Functions Foundation

1 day

by Marc Duiker

Do you want to run your code quickly in the cloud without creating an entire infrastructure or application for it? Then learn more about Azure Functions: the serverless compute solution in Microsoft Azure. With this service you can write functions with different programming languages, test them locally and debug them to quickly move from prototype to production in the cloud. Once in the cloud, your functions scale automatically, so it’s suitable for both small and large workloads and fit perfectly into an event-driven architecture.

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