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Transforming your business will not work without the right knowledge

You can create a new strategy on a management level, but your teams are responsible for the execution every day. Providing them with the freedom to do their job without the right skills will set you up for failure. Whether you want to migrate to the Cloud, use DevOps, or develop Cloud Native Software, it starts with creating a learning journey for all involved.

Working with great companies

Our Approach

Education is one of the most significant competitive advantages. Talent is scarce, and to stand out as a business (professional), your skills need to be on-par and continually developing. One of our core values is ‘sharing knowledge,’ which we do by offering extensive training courses. Our trainers are authorities in their field and specialize in transferring knowledge. We offer our (in-company) curriculum through our own IT Academy and in close collaboration with Xebia Academy.

our programs

Together we drive change.

Fit for Future

We make sure you have the right people on board to make an impact in the near and far future. At Xpirit, we have experienced first-hand the importance and benefits of a well-considered hiring process. We share our experiences for you to unleash the full potential of (new) employees.

IT Academy

IT Academy is an Xpirit initiative to boost your organization's Agile knowledge. To reach specific goals, your team needs to possess the skills required. Xpirit identifies the gap between the current and desired knowledge level and provides each team member with a personal training plan.

Every two weeks, an Xpirit consultant will check-in to evaluate the progress made on an individual level. From Cloud to DevOps, Cloud Native Software Development, or learning how to work with GitHub, we supply tailored learning paths and guidance along the way.

Are you ready to start building your modern digital business?