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Albert Starreveld

Go big or go home!


Getting things done and getting people to talk to each other.

From a technical perspective; People tend to disagree about what it means: Full stack web development.


Software development is like photography. It’s the art of capturing a situation in the real world in code instead of a picture. That’s what makes my clock tick.

In my spare time I love wakeboarding. I love challenging myself (and others) to learn new tricks and to conquer my fears.


Listening carefully, getting to the essence of a problem and solving it together. I’m creative and innovative. I’m good at figuring out stuff I haven’t done before, then owning it and talking about it passionately.

My source of inspiration

The people whom I love.

This makes me happy

The people whom I love, wakeboarding and rollerblading

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

That’s classified.. (Not kidding..)

The songs that get me started

Big Daddy Kane – Show & prove
Nas – It ain’t hard to tell
Terilekst – Die al gedownload?