Experts in new Microsoft technology

The problem with quick and dirty, is that the dirty remains long after quick has been forgotten (Steve C McConnell)

Cornell Knulst

ALM, Continuous Delivery and Web-Scale architectures


Making organizations more productive and future-proof by inspiring them with new technologies and proven practices.


Inspiring people with new practices, principles and technologies. Guiding teams, organizations and individuals on different levels in their journey to Continuous Delivery.

My source of inspiration

My parents who keep on going and are always available to help others. People like Bill Gates and Richard Branson who have a clear vision on the future, use their resources to improve other people’s live and turn ideas into reality.

This makes me happy

My family (wife and 2 sons), new innovative technologies, nature and playing soccer with friends.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Getting great feedback from the most sceptic team member after having finished a transformation to Continuous Delivery.

The song that gets me started

A lot of songs depending on time, season and weather.

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