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...when you're no longer thinking ahead, each footstep isn't just a means to an end but a unique event in itself

Pascal Greuter

Managing Director

Managing director with the passion, knowledge and experience to truly understand and feel the fun of software engineering without losing the focus on the true business drivers. By bringing an open and frank dialog to the table, bridging IT and the business helping to find the common language and set common objectives to make our customers successful. By fully understand the people, business and technology.


To help international organizations rearchitecting for the digital world of todays future. Key disruptive trends in enterprise software are changing the nature of how IT solutions are delivered, who performs tasks and how change is absorbed. We support their digital business outcomes, and to help IT leaders make fundamental changes to application delivery, architecture and strategy.


Move on where others stop and never being afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are the stepping stones to success.

“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.” – P Longstocking

My source of inspiration

People who are able to feel comfortable to bring themselves in uncertain situations and still dare to think different and push themselves and others pushing their frontiers to new horizons. Those who still remain open minded and won’t lose their own visions, believe and principles and are always willing to improve and learn. Those who are willing to continuously challenge themselves and others inspire me most.

This makes me happy

Cooking, wining and dinner with true friends and close family. Enjoying good food and excellent red wine.
Playing Jazz improvisations on my saxophone and jamming with others after a long week of hard work.
Long distance running and just a little bit of fitness to stay physical and mentally fit.

My ultimate Epic Shit moment

Making myself or others overachieve their own expectations. When I learn and surprise myself or others at the end of the day. When giving a Jazz concert with the band, finishing the Rotterdam marathon or feel the happiness and warmth of my friends and family finishing the last dish of a multi course Christmas meal.

The song that gets me started

Many depending on my mood, but to pick one album for this moment: John Coltrane – Blue Train