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When IT slows you down

Most of our customers have clear requests. They wish to move to the Cloud, implement DevOps, or develop a new cloud-based application. However, often, there are underlying issues, that can’t be fixed by implementing one specific technical solution.

You work hard, but progress is slow, too slow. It may look endless to implement changes, resulting in missed business opportunities, overpriced products, and lacking customer experiences. Or your application load times may be way too long. And then there’s the dread of periodic audits and constant distractions of unexpected bugs and other issues.

Build your unique engineering culture

A thriving engineering culture is vital for any company that wants to be a digital leader. However, it is not an off-the-shelf product you can buy. Building an engineering culture requires sustained effort, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

We have helped numerous organizations implement lasting change. With our engineering culture model, we want to empower customers to solve urgent issues, while at the same time starting to build a more sustainable, flexible, and successful IT organization.

We guide, train, and provide managed services for every part of your cloud journey. We support you in adopting Microsoft technologies and DevOps, modernizing applications, and implementing new IT systems. 

Build your unique Engineering Culture
6 Misconceptions about Engineering Culture

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FinOps on Azure

Bringing Cost Control to the Microsoft Cloud

Are you feeling the strain of skyrocketing Azure costs, without seeing an increase in revenue? Take a proactive approach to prevent bill shock and maintain a tight grip on your budget. Ensure a secure financial future with FinOps!

Save money and optimize spending to maximize your cloud investment. Implement strategic strategies and leverage powerful tools to prevent unexpected costs. Architect your infrastructure and applications for efficiency, closely monitor your spending, eliminate hidden expenses, and extend it to DevOps practices, enhancing pipelines and Git repositories. With FinOps, you can supercharge your Azure management and experience unparalleled cost optimization!

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FinOps Strategies for Microsoft Azure

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GitHub Universe 2023

While we span the globe, our roots are deeply embedded in the technology we love. Our mission is clear: to deliver cutting-edge solutions to businesses worldwide, and our tool of choice is GitHub. We are a global collective of technology experts who are passionate about GitHub’s potential as a catalyst for progress. We empower companies to adopt GitHub, enhance Developer Experience with AI, and prioritize top-notch security and compliance. 

GitHub is the cornerstone of our operations. It not only drives our internal processes but also powers collaboration with our valued customers. Whether you’re seeking generative AI, end-to-end security, or streamlined collaboration through version control and CI/CD, GitHub, coupled with our expertise, is the answer. 

Read our insights at GitHub Universe 2023 or go to our GitHub page for more information.

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Take Your Digital Journey to New Heights

Elevate your digital journey with our expert guidance. We'll help you reach new levels of success in your digital transformation. Embrace innovation, enhance your capabilities, and achieve remarkable results.

Building High-Performance Teams

The road toward DevOps is rough and full of surprises. Many organizations feel lost among the way. Together with you, our experienced consultants define the right steps towards acceleration.

Accelerate your DevOps adoption based on an Exclusive Experience instead of textbook examples with our DevOps Bootcamp, or explore all our DevOps services.

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GitHub Services & Solutions
GitHub First

How do you move to GitHub from a multitude of platforms? We help you to become successful with GitHub. From the migration, implementation, and adoption side, as well as following modern development practices like the Agile way of working, Cloud transformations, and improving your DevOps culture.

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Azure Cloud
Using the cloud right

Cloud is not just about automating your IT. It is all about rethinking how IT enables your organization. Did the cloud make you more scalable, secure, and compliant? If not, get a free expert opinion.

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Cloud Apps
State-of-the-art Software

Software development does not have to be expensive and complex. Our architects and coders want to show you how software can make a business impact, without the headache.

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Managed Services
Delivery Beyond Development

We make sure your cloud services stay operational, performant, and cost-effective. We train and coach your teams, set up Landing Zones using Kubernetes, or even take over the full responsibility. Whatever happens, we will answer your call.

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