GitHub Fundamentals

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What to expect

This hands-on engagement covers a broad range of technical and collaboration practices. Activities range from configuring integrations with the GitHub Platform to mapping real-life workflows. Though the technical experience of learners may vary, the activities introduce the software development lifecycle on GitHub from a non-developer perspective. This training introduces learners to the work done on GitHub by developers and non-developers alike.

How Work Gets Done on GitHub


  • Core concepts of version control
  • GitHub issues and projects
  • Working with branches
  • Collaborating on pull requests
  • Translate idealogical models to real world workflows

Repository Ownership


  • Administrative settings and protected branches

CI, CD and Software Lifecycle on GitHub


  • CircleCI, Heroku, and GitHub’s open platform
  • Heroku review apps
  • Working with forks
  • Interacting with integrations

Documentation on GitHub


  • Why documentation?
  • Creating documentation
  • Documentation on GitHub pages